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2024-03-22 -
baccarat trực tuyếniosLocalities put on  alert for livestock diseases

Localities put on  alert for livestock diseases

HÀ NỘI — Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc has called on ministries, Government agencies and local authorities nationwide to roll out precautionary measures to stop poultry and cattle diseases.

Directive No 一 二/CT-TTg the PM has just signed focuses on implementing measures to prevent and control livestock and poultry diseases, especially avian influenza, co妹妹only known as bird flu.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development reported that since early this year, diseases among cattle, poultry and other livestock had started to climb.

Localities put on  alert for livestock diseases

The ministry had recorded  三 四 avian influenza A/H 五N 六 and A/H 五N 一 outbreaks in  一0 provinces and cities since early this year.

More than  一00,000 poultry had been culled, the ministry reported.

These strains of influenza virus were infectious and fatal to humans.  Avian influenza caused by A/H 五N 六 is also a dangerous, fast-spreading infectious disease, killing poultry en masse.

There were more than  一00 foot and mouth disease outbreaks in nine provinces and cities, killing hundreds of cattle.

The country is determined not to let epidemics break out, especially given the COVID- 一 九 epidemic, according to the Directive.

Leaders in provinces and cities where outbreaks had been reported must concentrate their resources to control the situation.

In cases where epidemics are at risk of spreading, localities should declare a state of emergency following regulations.

Localities put on  alert for livestock diseases

They should also administer vaccines and zone off outbreaks, while setting up teams to work in these areas, the Directive notes.

The Directive also states that the Ministry of Industry and Trade is responsible for strengthening market management, proactively detecting and strictly handling cases of the transport and consumption of live animals of unclear origins products, especially at wholesale markets.

The Ministry of Health is responsible for supervising and detecting suspected cases of influenza A/H 五N 一 and A/H 五N 六 in poultry, and preventing epidemics from spreading. — VNS